Sisters Christine White and Anne Todd were raised in an environment of unbridled creativity. Their mother always challenged the girls to use their imaginations with bins full of fabrics, sequins, rhinestones, feathers and beads. They would spend quality time together rifling through their boxes of beads and creating unique pieces.  Her influence gave the girls not only impeccable taste, but also the business experience and confidence to do what they love.

When Christine and Anne were teenagers, they decided to try their hand at business. Commandeering a portion of their mother’s interior design studio, the sisters learned the joys and responsibilities of having their very own bead shop.  In the fall of 2001, the original store opened.  A loyal clientele, some flattering press, and a pinch of hard work helped grow their small bead shop quickly.

After a few years, the business needed its own location to keep up with demand and increased product lines.  In the spring of 2005, the bead shop moved into its own store showcasing a full product line of beads and customer workspaces.  For nine years, the bead shop was located at 416 Providence Road, in Myers Park.  While in Myers Park, the company saw its true potential and became part of the community.  In this location the store known as On A String Bead Shop won numerous awards and had national exposure in publications such as InStyle.

In the latter part of those nine years, it became quite apparent that the store was in desperate need of more space. “We felt that the store must remain in a building or house with character and history, we couldn’t just move it into a strip center”, says Christine.  In the summer of 2013, Beads, Inc. found its perfect new home in a 1920’s Colonial Revival for sale just across the street.

339 Circle Avenue became their “forever store” in late 2013 and after much love, and painstaking renovations, Beads, Inc. moved in in May 2014.

Beads, Inc. debuted their new store on the morning of May 28th 2014.  This classic Myers Park location proved to be the ideal setting for the new, 3100 square-foot, two story retail jewelry design experience.  Christine and Anne expanded their staff, added additional product lines, services, classes, and of course, a lot more beads. This was an exciting time for their small company, and an indication of the bright things ahead for the sisters.

Today, Beads, Inc. continues to grow and evolve in an effort to offer the very best that the industry has to offer.  The girls cherish their wonderful relationships with clients.  “We have been blessed with by our loyal customers, the community and a great team”, the sisters agree.

The Staff of Beads, Inc. is made up of 14 highly trained full-time and part-time employees.  Each of the staff members are knowledgeable in all areas of their product lines but also specialize in particular skills.  Christine and Anne are active on the sales floor every day.  The sisters have ventured to many lands far away in search of amazing products for our customers.  Beads, Inc. is commonly regarded as the “best bead shop in the South East”.  Along with their very talented staff, Christine and Anne’s goal is to provide and inspire customers with the Carolina’s foremost bead and custom jewelry experience.

When asked what the future holds for Beads, Inc., Christine and Anne will certainly tell you quality and service are the back bone of the company, that’s not changing.  In 2018, Christine launched her own personal brand bringing jewelry making tutorials to beaders around the world!  Please check out, Christine White Style, for links to all videos and Christine’s blog! “We’re really excited about the future of the company right now, we have grown so much but feel there is much more to come”

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